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blog two perspectives on spiritual celibacy

Two Perspectives on Celibacy by Mystic Life

Based on my personal experience I believe it is important to be able to be celibate so that we have the capacity to be self-contained. If we are not comfortable with celibacy then we may feel compelled to always be in a relati...
by Mystic Life


3DL: The Movie (Documentary)

Featuring: Kate Beloved, Judi Lynch, Scott Love, Jordan Pierce, Charles Gilcrest, Pheonyx Roldan Smith and featuring the music of Infinite Third, this is about as close to the heart of 3DL as you can get with out actually being...
by Scott Love



Three Days of Light Review by SHIFT Magazine

For three days at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina at Camp Grier there was a synthesis of souls looking for a return to innocence. There is much that takes away from the innocence we all had as childr...
by admin


What is a Worker Co-Op?

  (Sourced from Wikipedia) A worker cooperative is a cooperative owned and self-managed by its workers. This control may be exercised in a number of ways. A cooperative enterprise may mean a firm where every worker-owner p...
by Scott Love



Dreaming into Reality

There are infinite mysteries to this life, but one thing I’m learning is that there is no mystery to being who you are truly meant to be.  Here is how to uncomplicate this mission:  Learn to be authentic through experi...
by Sarah Johns


Improve Your Soil and Improve Your Harvest, Every Harvest

It’s that time of year where we set up the grow-lights, or begin to fill the greenhouses in anticipation for the ground to thaw. But while our seeds sprout and we make preparations to eventually put them into the Earth this y...
by Jake Randall


Characteristics of an Effective Starseed Counselor

Hey there High Vibe Humans, Breezy Here! Below is a list of characteristics I believe will lead to being an EFFECTIVE Starseed Counselor. Starseeds have many different missions while incarnated on planet Earth. Therefore, I am ...
by BreezySpreadLove




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