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Personal / Spiritual Development

Gallantly expanding and contracting into consciousness (Spring ’14 Reflections)

Posted  April 20, 2014  by  Scott Love

Seeing. Feeling. Trusting. It’s been a long winter here in Detroit, Michigan. We set up camp just in the nic of time with the blessing that became The Emergence House Detroit. Frustrations from personal choices, realities of how much is “the result of my actions”, and finding balance, center and self forgiveness. It has been […]

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blue wall of awesome copy

Wall of AWESOME!

Posted  April 17, 2014  by  Scott Love

EVERYTHING that we do with Emergence Earth is 100% supported by the community we serve. Without our family, friends, supporters, sponsors and contributors… we simply would not exist! We want to Say “Thank you” to everyone who has contributed to this project over the years. WE LOVE YOU… and THANK YOU!  

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Personal / Spiritual Development

Eight Pathways to the Sacred Feminine~ Lessons from the Goddess Temple of Ashland

Posted  April 15, 2014  by  Prema

The Lunar Eclipse of April 15th, 2014 marks the celebration of the third anniversary of the Goddess Temple of Ashland’s thriving community. This time three years ago, about a hundred people gathered excitedly together in Ashland, Oregon, to dance, to pray, and to perform ceremonies….

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The Four Pillars

Light Support Team Info & Join

Posted  April 14, 2014  by  Scott Love

IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE EMERGENCE EARTH DID EXIST, AND FLOURISHES! What would that world look like? How many people could benefit from the energies and efforts of a few? What if there was information, support, networking, tools, inspiration, HOW TO’s, and, VERY IMPORTANTLY… access to resources. YES! This means MONEY! CASH! CURRENCY!

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Natural Health & Wellness

The First “Meditation Memoir” by Zenaura Soluta

Posted  April 8, 2014  by  Zenaura Soluta

I created this memoir to illuminate some key points regarding our vocabulary surrounding Meditation. For example, let’s take the Japanese word, “Zen”, which is associated with calmness, peacefulness, serenity, comfort, adaptability, kindness and gentleness by many Westerners. Zen is actually derived from the word “Dhyana”, which is Sanskrit for Meditation.

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The Art of Alfred Dolezal

Artist of the Week: Alfred A. Dolezal “I have always questioned the reason for living – I was never convinced that we are just born, make a living, and die. Even as a youth, I started searching for answers and today...
by Zenaura Soluta


July 7-13 2014 Astrology Forecast: Capricorn Full Moon

A heavily aspected Capricorn Full Moon asks you to take stock of your productivity and accomplishments. Seven Venus and Sun aspects catalyze relationships, creativity, money and vitality. And five aspect patterns offer up a smo...
by Benjamin Bernstein


mercury direct u-turn with kite JPG

June 30-July 6 2014 Astrology Forecast: Mercury Direct & Aspect Patterns!

Mercury turns direct this week, clearing the way for new projects and major purchases. But the week is dominated by a fascinating variety of aspect patterns! These include a healing Grand Trine/Kite, a revolutionary T-square, a...
by Benjamin Bernstein


2014: Finding Spiritual Balance

A new year has dawned on our tiny blue planet. Human consciousness is but a blip in the large expanse of time. However, the way we behave you would think we've been around the universe a few times right? Well no, that's not nec...
by BreezySpreadLove



Improve Your Soil and Improve Your Harvest, Every Harvest

It’s that time of year where we set up the grow-lights, or begin to fill the greenhouses in anticipation for the ground to thaw. But while our seeds sprout and we make preparations to eventually put them into the Earth this y...
by Jake Randall


Are We In Bliss Yet?

Yoga’s ancient texts talk about “Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.”  The truth of who you are, your Divine be-ingness or consciousness, is bliss. How so, you ask? Because yoga is union with the Divine, and when ...
by Debbie Barnett



The Infinite Potential of Healing

Growing up, I was very shy and self-conscious of being the tallest girl. I had very little self-confidence and because of this, I always hunched my back in an attempt to blend in. I didn't realize how bad it was, though my mo...
by Sarah Johns


Do you ever find your mind rambling on without your consent?

  Do you ever find your mind rambling on without your consent? Take a minute to reflect on that question. So many people feel lost in today’s world; the hustle and bustle, the fear and separation. Many times we find our ...
by Zenaura Soluta




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